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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A symposium of Manc slang.

Cockney rhyming slang has for a long time been regarded as a national institution, and rightly so.
However, wot wiv da yoof ov 2day adoptin a moor reelaxd vokaburalary slang iz fast becumming da wahay 4ward.

Let the nation rejoice as we promote true Manc slang with a passion... here on The Jammy Blog.

Scoop or sherbet - alcoholic drink
Nodders - condoms
Johnny Hats - as above
Brew - cup of tea
Dibble - police
Feds - as above
Skrieking - crying
Slopstone - "the sink"
Ginnel - alleyway between houses
Bang on/Bangin - exceedingly good
Scrote(s) - undesirable collection of youths, usually with mischief in mind (in full 'scrote' regalia)
Leathered/Steamin/Ratted - inebriated
Smashed/'ammered/recked - rather high on narcotics (usu. cannabis)
Lamp/Spark out - to render someone unconscious with one blow (Most of the phrases are related to violence!)
Hank Marvin - Starvin
Joe - taxi
Round our way - near where we live
Take a chill pill man = calm down
Mithered - To be hassled i.e utd were well mithered after City took 4 points off 'em.
Shotgun - First one to say it gets the passenger seat rather than cramped up in the back of a car.
One Tens (110s) - Trainers that cost £110. (only this amount can be used though not '90s' or '150s')


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