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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Tyne of your life!

Morning all!! Seeing as this is my first blog experience I thought I'd keep it quick, simple and painless.

Over the last weekend I went oop north to Newcastle for a night of drunken antics with the breadknife (wife). Although I don't think much of the stale centre of town for the shops and scenery, the nightlife is mint!! Here's my mini-guide to the bars I can remember crawling out of...


This is a small but perfectly formed hip and trendy hangout. It's quite a walk away from the main action but worth checking out for the best cocktails and shooters in town. When you're in there you get the impression that it's quite an exclusive place in that not a lot of people have discovered it yet. Pretentious bouncers on the door reflect the crowd inside this hotspot. Put that to the back of your mind and chill with the deep beats to fully appreciate this little gem!

Bar M

A typical city-centre scally meathouse. Scanderlously sweaty and narrow, no room to swing a cat ...or a chav. Cheap bottles of lager and VK Kicks etc and sluts in low cut dresses. Incredibly, we were there on the same night that 'local crackpot' Kenny did his partypiece - pissed up and semi-naked dancing on the obligatory pole. Kenny is in his 40s by the way, not a pretty site. We left soon after.


Recently revamped and looking like a timewarp back to the black and white age with elegant red wallpapers and a baby grand in the corner, Agora serves up a good blend of funky soul music and cocktail lounge culture. Although the clientele on the night we visited were young and trendy, the bar had a vacant feeling which gave us the impression people use it for a quick fix before then moving on. Expensive drinks could also be the reason for this! Agora then, nice for a quick drink and the decor but lacking anything special to hold you down.


This is by far my favourite bar in Newcastle. Uber-cool decor with trendy young types floating about and an upstairs bar with an open terrace area, heated and with tealights set in the exposed stone walls. It's very GQ mag and well worth a visit. Plenty on offer drinkwise, cocktails (again), beer on tap, European bottled lagers to suit and a basement restaurant that compliments the bar perfectly. No nobheads allowed policy on the door means there's a safe chilled mood inside. Highlight of Tokyo? Frodo Baggins lookalike behind the bar ...daft beard and everything!! ...Not sure about the hairy feet.
Incidently there was no fog on the Tyne the day we went up. Just a co-op trolley.


  • Andy, you had me hooked on Newcastle with "sluts in low cut dresses".

    Rock on!

    By Blogger puggsley1980, at Tuesday, August 09, 2005  

  • What a great bit of blogging, well done Andy. will be sure to check these bars out if I'm ever in Newcastle

    By Blogger Jamal, at Tuesday, August 09, 2005  

  • I think we could start a trend, Jamo can do the best pubs in 'attersley. I can do the ones in Salford and Kimbo can do the student bars...

    By Blogger puggsley1980, at Tuesday, August 09, 2005  

  • i forgot about frodo! luv the wife! THE WIFE EH! WHATS ALL THAT ABOUT!

    By Anonymous SALLY, at Friday, August 12, 2005  

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