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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Snake Eyes seeks...

Being a pervert isn't easy. People judge you. A good pervert is expected to be able to sniff out a darlin' and smoke out a smack-rat. It's a pressurised position where if you do well and can spot a cracker, then you can earn the respect of your peers and become a legend. And if you can actually pull while being a perv then the people, they call you Hero.

And so we come to TJB's new feature - "Snake Eyes seeks..." where on a three times a week-ish basis I'll be posting a pic of who's on my lips but sadly not on my hips. I have a gut feeling this may be a limited edition post if I get caught trawling Google for pictures of hot women. If I get the sack I'll post a link for donations to help pay the mortgage... Thank You kindly.
Tuesday's hotty is...

Lindsay Lohan
Since rising to fame in films such as the 'hilarious' Herbie Fully Loaded and riviting Mean Girls, this lass has been making us fellas rise to the occasion too! A browny-redhead, drug-fuelled rampant teen with a fat wallet who just lurrves letting it all hang out. With plenty of upskirts readily available on the net, this is a girl to keep your blinkers on for!
Snake Eyes.


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