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Friday, August 19, 2005

Africa’s Dumbest Criminals?

Police in South Africa could not believe their luck in apprehending 20 of the countries most wanted criminals.

Police in the Kimberley area of the Northern Cape region had invited 190 of the province's most wanted criminals to a special VIP party with the promise of spectacular prizes. They sent invites out to the last known addresses of each of the criminals in an operation dubbed Operation Nice Surprise.

The police invite promised appearances from some top celebrities and live music. All guests were told they would receive a guaranteed prize by attending!

Some of South Africa’s most hardened criminals came out of hiding to go to the party, just as they received their ‘prizes’, armed police burst in and arrested them.

I guess being arrested by a cop wearing a blue wig, a big red nose and size 22 shoes is just about as humiliating as it can get.


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