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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Another Year, Another 'Winner'

Well another year has passed in the Big Brother house, the big white door has opened and closed for the final time this season. Reality TV junkies everywhere grasp their remote controls with white knuckles, ‘flicking’ through the channels, desperately seeking the next fix, surviving in the meantime on episode of ‘Drunken Japanese Businessmen’ and ‘Changing Rooms’.

But as the razzmatazz dies down and the special editions of ‘Heat’ magazine blow away in the breeze like so much dust on the wind, spare a thought for the poor contestants. Self inflicted as it may be, they are about to spend the next few months learning the true meaning of the word reality.

So as the sleaze hounds gather, sniffing fresh meat and baying on the horizon. Spare a thought for the poor friends and relatives of these contestants, who are about to be dragged through the mud with them as allegations of ‘three in a bed sex romps’ and illegitimate children fly off the presses!!

And then of course there is poor Kinga, who in her desperate self-destructive attempt to be liked by the house mates and the country at large, sold her soul to the devil that is media broadcasting and told us all something about our selves that we probably would rather not know…

...what sells, is more important than people.

Let us hope poor Kinga doesn’t throw herself off a building from shame eh? Could leave one poor road sweep with a hell of a mess to clear up…

Poor Kinga, beside herslef...


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