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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Crazy Things Louise Has Said!! (part 1)

Here at TJB we work with a lovely young lady by the name of Louise, whose sole duty on God's green earth seems to be to entertain us with her quotes of infinite wisdom.

Since she first joined the company she has provided us with a different perspective on life and proved, somewhat conclusively, that it is possible to live your entire life in complete and utter blissful ignorance.

After a while, I started cataloguing these wondrous phrases, but I never found a suitable forum in which to post them. All that has changed with the coming of thejammyblog and so here for your amusement are the first 10 of what will hopefully be a long serious of…

...Crazy Things Louise Has Said!!

1. Is ‘Duck’ sea food??
2. Chunky (her fish) is scared of drowning in the deep end.*
3. Drink more water to get a suntan.
4. I’m just not interested in the sky… or things like that.
5. I was looking in the box and it wasn’t there but then it was. It made me laugh.
6. How much is free-view?
7. WOW = Without Wire, “So what’s the extra W for?”
8. I’m off to get my messages from Tesco, you know Albran and stuff.
9. Is space real? Or is it just made up for TV?
10. When they take blood do they take it from both arms so it evens out?

*Incidentally, chunky the fish is now deceased.

Stay tuned folks, I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before we have another 10…

…Crazy Things Louise Has Said!!


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