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Friday, August 19, 2005

Farmyard Fable... It's true!!

One day, Horse and Hen were strolling through the farm and wandered into a field. Suddenly, Horse shouted out, "Help! I'm stuck in the mud! Help me!"
Hen cried, "What do I do, what do I do?".
"Go back to the farm and get help!" shouted Horse.
A few minutes later, Hen came back, driving the farmers BMW. She threw a rope around Horse's neck and towed him out. "Thank you Hen", said Horse. "You saved my life, I am indebted to you."
A couple of days later, Hen and Horse walked through the same field and suddenly Hen cried out "Help, I'm stuck in the mud! Help me!"
Horse cried, "What do I do, what do I do?".
"I don't know, just get me out!" shouted the frightened Hen.
Horse had an idea. He straddled the mud and lowered his dick down to Hen. "Here, grab onto that!" said Horse. Hen grabbed on, and Horse pulled her free of the mud.
"Thank you Horse", said Hen. "You saved my life!".
Horse thought for a while and said, "There's a moral to this, Hen,"
"When you're hung like a horse, you don't need a BMW to pull the chicks!"
And they all lived happily ever after.
The End.