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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Jammy on the Roll...

For thems as don’t know, our Jamal has taken it upon himself to wizz off down to London for a very important SAP Developers course. (Or at least that’s what he’s telling us)

While he’s down there he’s decided to bring us our very first ‘Jammy on the Roll’!

Inspired by Andy’s excellent review of what’s hot and what’s not in dreary Newcastle, we’ve decided that every time one of our intrepid bloggers goes off on a jolly, business or pleasure, we’ll carry on blogging the whole time we are away. Bringing you anything we can think of that’s the remotest bit interesting, or in the case of Jamo, just any old crap he can photograph with his camera phone.

So stay posted as Jamo brings you the latest news from the Big Smoke, coming up in the not too distant future, a trip to Turkey for one of our intrepid bloggers. Towards the end of this year a few more interesting places will pop up, so stay tuned.

We’ll keep you posted on future trips…



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