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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

NEW Competition!!

Here at the Jammy Blog, we've decided to award one loyal reader with a gift, from us to you. We've decided to offer the chance to win a copy of the current number one Album, signed (or not) by all four of our amazing superstar bloggers!!

But of course, you won't expect to win such a prestigious prize for nothing. So we're asking you to send us your pictures in our chosen category and the winner selected by our panel of jammyblog judges will win the prize. The top five photos will be posted, with a shout-out to the sender, here on thejammyblog!

This month's category is 'Most Outrageous Chav'. Send us your pictures of the most outrageous chav you can find to
thejammyblog@hotmail.co.uk before our closing date of 29th August, the winner will be announced on thejammyblog on 1st September by way of a fresh blog. Please do not send copyrighted material and don't just pull something of Google image, only original pictures will win.

*Although we're happy to take a look at any funny pictures you want to send us.

A new competition will start every month with a new subject and a new prize to be won, so get your entries in quick...


  • Please, please, please what is "Chav"? Have I missed something here? Is this a UK thing? I would ask my husband, he's a Brit but he's been in the US so long, he's corrupted now too...


    By Blogger Kate Ford, at Wednesday, August 31, 2005  

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