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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Poooo Brother

Anthony has been crowned the winner of Big Brother 2005 with 57.3 per cent of the public vote, which leaves Eugene in second place! As you can see from the Jammy Blog Poll we got the result almost right, I'd just like to thank our readers for taking part in the vote, we should have another one up this weekend. My personal experience of this years Big Brother was in two words poo and boring. Let us know what you thought leave your comments below and your ideas of how the show should be improved if it should be that is....


  • Got to say ‘at da end ov da day’ I bailed out after about 5 weeks of science talking shit, ‘ya get me?’

    I think the production team tried to mix it up too much and ended up with no cohesion, the individuals never formed the team dynamics that we saw last year wit the ‘jungle cats’. Too much time was spent focusing on individuals, when the whole concept of the Big Brother experience is based on the differing rhythms of the group harmonic.

    Or I’m just talking shit and it was the same telly trash it’s always been!!!???

    By Blogger puggsley1980, at Saturday, August 13, 2005  

  • I think reality tv is losing its appeal cos there is so much of it!! Same old poo each time! I cant see BB lasting much longer but then again viewers will carry on watching it.. If thats the case, then I hope BB get it right for next year... I must admit a highlight for this years BB was the Kinga incident! Girls just wanna have fun!

    By Blogger Kimbo, at Saturday, August 13, 2005  

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