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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Shat it you slaaaaagggggg!!

Would you Adam and Eve it? A couple of cockney gangster wannabes have ‘pulled a Ronnie’ of their very own down in sunny Brazil.

Gaffers at the Central Bank in the north-eastern state of Ceara found themselves a little short of change on Monday morning. Seems that during the night an estimated 6-10 ‘blaggers’ broke through the supposedly secure vault floor and helped themselves to what they fancied.

The best bit? They tunnelled over 250 feet to reach the bank, residents living next to the house used for the heist reported seeing ‘truck loads’ of material coming in and out, but thought nothing of it.

They must have had some pretty big swag bags to take their prize home, the robbers made off with a whopping $63m or £38 million quid in proper money. (That’s €55m in case you wondered.)

It’s the biggest heist in Brazilian criminal history, Police investigator Francisco Queiroga told Reuters by phone: "It's something you see in the movies. They dug a tunnel that goes underneath two city blocks. They've been digging for three months."

Reports that Ronnie Biggs is offering them lodging at a rate of £1m a week have been denied by the legendary old slaaaaaaggggggg…


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