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Friday, August 05, 2005

T-mobile, twisting me melon man…!

T-mobile are in for some verbal when I go into the store, been with them over 4 years on contract (2 years before that on PAYG) and this is the shit I have to put up with!

How come I go onto the T-mobile website and order a new contract, I select my price plan and my extras and my monthly bill comes to £27? I select my phone (Sony-Eriksson D750i) and go to the check out page. They want £49.99 for the phone, plus £5.60 delivery!!

Then I also find they want to charge me £1 a month to itemise my bill!!! Plus they want to charge me £2 a month to call customer services?? Hello? You want to bill me for the right to complain about your bad service??

So I go to another website that offers a list of the best mobile deals on the web at the moment and they have T-mobile at number one. The deal?? A Sony-Eriksson D750i FREE on a contract worth £29 a month, PLUS 6 month’s half-price line rental!!

Argh! I’m going crazy. I hate shopping for a new mobile!!


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