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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Andy's Sandwich Review!

Contents – chiselled wheat-topped soft sub roll, baby-beetroot (sliced), juicy pickled onions (also sliced), finest Yorkshire honey-roast ham and Heinz salad cream.

First Impressions – Expectations of the savoury treat are phenomenal. Pickled onion is peeping out the side of the sandwich; some would say it’s ‘winking’ at you…

1st Bite – The taste is sensational! Juicy baby-beet combined with tender cuts of finest ham provides the taste buds with sublime flavours unrivalled.

2nd Bite – Taste overload!!! The creamy lubrication provided by the salad cream has mixed with juices from the beet. Danger!!

3rd Bite – Meltdown.

4th Bite – Hunger now satisfied, the body rejects any further attempts to re-fuel. You are now on a come-down.

Conclusion – This sandwich is the shiznit.


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