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Saturday, March 25, 2006

100 things not to do if you are a fictional character No.4

'Anyone fitting this description should be shot on sight'
Scooby don't…

If you've just committed a major crime in a small back-road American town (which for some reason happens to have a large Museum containing lots of ancient and very valuable artefacts) and a Volkswagen Camper van pulls up containing 4 college drop outs and a Doberman, kill them all immediately!

DO NOT attempt to scare them off using fancy dress costumes and bad smoke and mirror effects.

DO NOT hide out in an abandoned mine or a closed down circus.

And absolutely under no circumstance seek them out and tell them all about the local ghost story down by the docks.

Just kill them all, soak the bodies in vodka and roll that f**king camper van into a ravine...


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