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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

BLOG NEWS - Channel 4 - 1 2 1 Blog

Channel 4 in UK has launched a site called 121 for fostering dialogue between paired sets of folks, one in the UK and one in another country. It's like a public penpal session written in blog format. For example, their first blog is written by Steve - a bloke from Coventry - and Mr. Behi who lives in Tehran.

"When you hear the word Africa do you reach for your wallet? Does the name Iran make you reach for your gun? 121 is a place for alternative takes on countries in and out of the news, an opportunity to go beyond the tired old tales and get a fresh story from everyday individuals.
121 is centred on international dialogues (using blog technology) between paired individuals with similar concerns from the UK and other countries."

Blatantly ripped from;



Not my cup of tea but I'm sure some people out there will be interested...


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