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Friday, March 24, 2006

Hmm Paid to

Pooh! That's right - following on from some office banter and short comments banded around on this very site, how amazing is that.

Picture yourself in a meeting with a new supplier, just as he's going into the technicalities of the latest routing technology, you suddenly feel the great desire to pinch one off.

Up you get, excuse yourself and off you trot - this is the initialisation phase, you've already started to make free money.

Next move is off to the crappers, down with the trolleys and OMGWTFBBQ - you're being paid to pooh! How fucking amazing is that - we have finally reached an enlightened age where an employer is paying you to plop a stinker in their thunderboxes.

Beats working for a living at any rate.

Paid to pooh is most definately for the win.


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