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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hmmm... Manyog

Have you yet considered that the delicious youghourty drink that you might be taking in the morning might not be what you think it is? Yeah the adverts waffle on about how good Bifida this and culture that is for your (I feel like a house) stomach - have you thought that it might actually be a secret worldwide plot by the males of this planet to get you to drink semen?

Imagine if you will that there's so many men who's hetro partners just won't swallow the magical juice donated by their male other halves, what do you do? Of course, entice the ladies to get used to these products as a natural first thing drink full of the goodness you know you need in the morning. Enter stage left - MANYOG!

Full of the healthy tadpoley bacteria you know you need, and for just a few minutes work every day you too could be slurping down your own dose of this manly goodness.

Get yours today, chug MANYOG daily.

Hmmm Manyog!


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