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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The JammyBlog 2, this time its personal!!

We’re back boys and girls, bigger, badder and more randomly spurious than ever before. Here at TJB we’ve decided to increase the effort we’ve been putting into our content in an effort to amuse and bemuse. (And as much as possible, offend.)

We’ve decided to add some regular recurring features to the mêlée that is TJB’s content. Including our very own ‘Made up words of the week’ and ‘Work safe or not’ dare you click the link? We’ll also be trying out our new ‘Phrase of the day’ where we will post the most hilarious phrase to escape a contributor’s brain during the previous day.

No Celebrity is safe! We’ll be adding regular posts to the blog giving our opinions on the media’s latest whipping boys and girls. Is the latest bit of media totty a hot looking chick worth the cost of a B&B? Or an annoying tw** who needs to be stabbed to death with a rusty spoon? Never fear, TJB will reveal all!

We’ve added a new member to our contributions team, Grimster joins us on loan from Springfield Institute for the Mentally Special and promises to add his own unique brand of chaotic humour to the Blog.

So dust of that bookmark, there finally something other than porn on T’internet!!

The JammyBlog Team


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