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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Nappies - My arse!

Talking babies for the lose.
You know the scenario, you're watching the ITV 10-o-clock movie, fecking adverts come on.

Why oh why oh why do they insist on having babies in the adverts - with grown up voices, not only that but grown up voices pretending to be kiddy voices telling us how dry these products are. I mean WTF?

Surely a grown up mother should be telling us how good at catching urine and fecal matter a product is, enabling her to get on with the other things a busy mother has to do rather than clean up her offspring's wee and pooh, it's a damn sight more believeable than adult-like rabbiting infants marauding across our TV screens half way through "The French Connection".
Even better still, put it on during the day, most stay at home parents are flicking off to Trisha (or whatever passes for daytime TV these days) anyway, so there'd be no harm done, everyone's happy and "Popeye" Doyle can safely continue to thwart evil drug smuggling Frenchies.

While on the same "advert" subject, anyone notice how the BBC now show up to 6 minutes of adverts per hour - for their own shit! Hang on you say - I'm already watching, and due to the "unique" way the BBC is funded, I thought we wouldn't have to suffer fecking adverts. So why do they advertise? Not enough of the archaic Radio Times being sold?


I incidentally found myself whilst watching Sky TV muting the telly during fecking adverts - well, either that or suffer burst eardrums, is it supposed that I'll pay more attention to the product being flogged by the gogglebox if it's made (a lot) louder?



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