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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Not made in China!

"Components. American components, Russian Components, ALL MADE IN TAIWAN!"

Now we all know that quote from one of the most questionable movies of all time, the Deep Blue Hero flick "Armageddon"

So I was kicking around the web and found the following that made me LOL!

The application of "Not made in China", a trade mark that carries distinct trade discrimination has appeared on the official website of the EU's Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market.

As it is reported, Alvito Company registered in Gibraltar has filed its application for "not made in China" to the EU, which contained three parts, two graphic marks and one text mark. And EU has accepted their application on Dec. 2005, Jan. and Feb. 2006 respectively.

According to EU's trade mark law, EU will decide a year later whether it makes the application. If it decides to make it public, the announcement will be placed there for a period of three months. And if objection is put forward, the application will be approved. Once the application goes effective, "not made in China" trade market will be legal in EU's 25 member countries.

It is reported that Alvito Company has submitted its application for "not made in China" trade mark to the US last September, but was turned down.

The trade mark of "not made in China" is apparently an act of discrimination against Chinese articles. Since the trade mark is based on intangible asset, such a mark will bring negative impact on the reputation of China-made products.

Dong Baolin, chief representative of GATT intellectual property trade mark negotiation and former vice director of trade mark office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, noted that "not made in China" mark would disgrace China's national prestige and dignity. Any Chinese enterprises, citizens or government has the rights to raise objections to the EU. Such a trade mark that harms Sino-Europe diplomatic ties will not be tolerated.

Wu Xiaochen, an official from International Trade Mark Centre of China said that the application of "not made in China" actually has no impact on the sales of Chinese products in the international market, and it is more associated with national dignity.

Now - don't get me wrong, I recently bought (on e-bay I might add) a brand new motorbike that was indeed made in China and I've not died due to shoddy workmanship yet (more's the pity some might say) but admittedly I have so far had to replace 2 headlamp bulbs, a horn bracket, clutch cable and numberplate holder.

Perhaps all things are not made in Taiwan?


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