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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Raining Death!!!

'Both BIG and Cleaver..!'

Yesterday whilst bored at work... I mean, in my own time at home.. I decided to use the good old T'internet to look up my old Territorial Army Regiment and see what they've been up to recently. Back then the 103rd Regiment Royal Artillery were an Air Defence regiment, with shoulder launched anti-aircraft missiles that were great for shooting down planes so long as it wasn't raining, foggy, overcast or misty. (In Britain, are you kidding me??)

Now look at what these crazy bastards get the play with!!! I had to sit in the rain for hours at a time pointing a f**king over sized bottle rocket at the sky and no sooner do I leave than this happens. At this moment in time they are raining death on insurgents in sunny Iraq (Or Eye-rack, as the Yankees call it). All from the safety of the neighbouring town!!

Some people get to have all the fun!!! AS90's for the MF win!!


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