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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Paid to poo to the next level

OK, so I seem to be the only jammy member that's sad enough to be blogging at weekend (Sorry Kimbo, missed your Grimsters word of the day earlier) when I should be chilling out.. Well, the second bottle of Jacobs Creek that's open certainly confirms I'm chilling out...

Well, we're all familiar with the grimsters "paid to poo". I mean you can't beat the elegance of being paid to poo.. For the M***** F***** Win.... Well, todays blogs come from one of the oddest locations I'm sure anyone has blogged from..... "Blog from the bog".. Yep, the joys of a wireless PDA... Personal Data Assistant, you could argue that it's a Personal Dump Assistant or a Poo Data Assistant..., or a Personal Data Anu.... no that's enough....


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