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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bum Aspirations..

So anyway, Jammy get's pissed when I don't post to this thing, so I think today I'll make an effort.. We had an interesting conversation this afternoon in the office in respect of made-up words, usually by non-native English speaking persons, y'know stuff like Maximizeable and Ogglesblonks etc. which once again lead me onto a rant which in turn lead me to making up a silly word and example of it's use in a constructive sentence, this came out as:

"I was hit by a stray round from the cookie gun and got biscuitificated"

Yeah I know, it was a bit of a tumbleweed moment (http://www.prairietumbleweedfarm.com/) (Thanks to the pugmeister for that one - more in a minute).....

So the Pugmeister picks up the link above just after he'd told the crappiest joke of the year this morning, which got me to thinking about stuff like this in general - someone is selling tumbleweeds in Kansas, now, forgive me if I'm wrong - but this is stuff that just floats around anyway right, also puts me in mind of the person in California I think that was selling dessicated dogshit - yeah baby - send your nearest and dearest some canine guano for kicks - but I digress, was thinking about stuff that's free - that I could sell...

I mean sure, you can lie about the origins of something (check out 99.9% of autograph dealers on e-bay) but there's at least a small risk to doing so, even with dogshit you run the risk of catching roundworm and going blind (incidentally - this apparently happens to between 750 and 1500 kids per year - dog owners need to learn that they should clean their pets shit up to be honest - either that or kids shouldn't use dogshit as modeling clay) - so what's foolproof?

There was a guy that used to sell Tesco carrier bags as kites - that kind of thing... no output and little work required, you know the ticket.

Answers on a postcard.


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