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Friday, May 12, 2006

Rawrgle! Road Badness


OK, it has to be said - PC or not - why the fuck can't women use roundabouts?

The UK has this roundabout fetish - because we drive on the left, you wait until the person coming from the right has passed you then you go - but what the hell - women don't seem to get it.

Manchester is a hive of mini roundabouts - when the council runs out of things to spend our council tax on - it orders speedbumps (to remove any front valance you might have on your vehicle - because they don't like them) and mini fecking roundabouts.

I 50/50 ride a motorcycle or car into work, the bike's OK, but people just pretend not to see you and don't understand that stopping a bike is a fuckload harder than stopping a car - sat behind Ms. Icantuseafeckingroundabout who starts off then stops half way onto the roundabout sucks - but that's another rant. Twice over the last couple of days I have witnessed two seperate women on two seperate roundabouts - sat stationary faffing around not knowing how a fecking roundabout works - and waiting for _anyone_ within 200 yards of the thing to first approach and then use the roundabout.

Don't get me wrong, there's some wicked women drivers out there - my wife for instance who appears to imagine she's one of the drivers in "The Italian Job" is fine behind the wheel.. or am I saying that so I don't get battered? You decide....

On another note...

Sheila's fecking wheels!

Imagine if you will, a bloke an a nationally transmitted advertisement saying:

Well, we all know women are shit drivers - so this is a men only insurance company - we don't want women calling because your driving's shit.

OMGWTFBBQ - they'd be in court before they could say sexual prejudice! WTF is going on - it seems men are now (in the name of PC) becoming the women of yesteryear - wtf happened to "Equality"? I'll be campaigning for "equal" rights whilst stood in the gutter so a peeler won't arrest me next!... probably


  • Almost no one knows how to use roundabouts properly and it really pisses me off too. The vast majority of drivers I see manage to change lanes about 3 times in the course of navigating a roundabout. They also need to be told that the white line at the enterance is a give way, so if there's nothing coming from the right you don't have to stop. I narrowly avoid about 3 accidents a week because of this.

    By Anonymous Irongut, at Wednesday, July 19, 2006  

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