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Monday, February 19, 2007

Addictive little box of tricks

A wise man once said....

"Y'know, I pity the fool that gets totally hooked onto his PDA"

OK, maybe not but I'm fast coming to the conclusion that PDA's are filled with drugs that make you fuck about with 'em - often to the detriment of your own personal safety*
OK, so I e-bayed a Palm Lifedrive, with 4 squigglies of onboard hard drive, another 4 up the memory chute and every frickin' little app you can get your head around - including a ripped torrented copy of TomTom.


This thing is totally addictive, I used to sneer at the idiocy of people sitting pointing at a small screen with an inkless pen prodding icons, but I'm a convert, I just hope there's no hard drugs being transmitted into the screen and permiating through the pads of my fingers, though I am starting to wonder..

*As I mentioned I have TomTom on this thing and was on a 300 or so mile round trip over the weekend, combined with a cheap GPS receiver it's a technological marvel, but it has a HUGE drawback.
I've stopped seeing the colour RED.

Seriously, I'm so busy following the sultry instructions of JANE - UK that I appear to be ignoring the most deadly colour of all.

On at least 3 occasions during this trip I almost totalled myself, the car and Mrs. Grimster because of the wooing voice of JANE - UK, forcing me to dismiss the colour red, whether that be the brake lights of the 40-ton articulated lorry 5 feet ahead of you on the motorway or the lights of the pelican crossing, there should be a Government health warning on it.
The machine is scary in other ways, sync it to your work calendar and you actually start to care about where you should be, and when.

I've got to go because It's telling me I have outstanding helpdesk calls to close.


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