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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fleeced (yet again)

Argh, I might as well just stick a stupid great sign on top of my head with an arrow pointing to me that reads "Glutton for punishment - please kick"

My lad was listening to Limp Bizkit's "Results may vary" CD, song comes on "Behind Blue Eyes", I goes - wow - I've got the original of that on the old Who LP "Who's Next"

Long story short, I dusted off my record player wired it all up - it used to be part of an old midi system but the old gears long gone, had to rewire stuff with plenty of mad scientist buggering around finally got it working.

Shit, the stylus is shagged.

So I thinks, no probs, will just hop on the intraweb and get a new one rushed to me by Her Majesty's postal service, surely it won't cost more than a couple of quid with postage, after all, there's nothing to it but a bit of plastic and a hollow needle with a point......

28 quid plus postage later.... DOH!

That'd buy me a couple of gigs of pendrive I could have the entire Who discography on.

Finally put the track on, and immediately wished I hadn't... Record's in bog order (I bought it 2nd hand in my teens and played it's ass off then) snap/crackle and indeed pop for the lose.

Wonder what else I can piss money away at? Anyone in touch with any Nigerian Government officials I could drop a line to?


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