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Friday, February 16, 2007


Out of the frickin' blue the self-confessing, self-abusing baldy man puggs starts to spam mails at us ranting about how we should be posting to the Jammy Blog (I thought it's toes had curled up during the takeover of the hostile Google God - the comment spam's looking good).

Jammy's not been seen since playing script kiddy and ripping code from the web and calling it his own, and as puggs says, kimbo shuffled off this mortal plane to another life on the bottom of the planet and things have gone downhill.

No love.

Which brings me onto my current rant.

Booking your holidays. Woe betide you if you want to book your jollies in the summer, kids are off so they (the travel and tourist industry) can financially take the piss out of you, yes you, the hard working tax-paying short vacationed public, you're being squeezed by the holiday people/airlines/hotels even fuckin' ice-cream vendors just because the kids are off school.

Now this wouldn't be too bad were it not for the fact that it's government sponsored! They'll threaten to bring legal action against you if you take your kids on holiday during the school term!

WTF?!! It's a monopoly!

When was the last time your boss shouted at you that you had to take your holidays at the same time as him else you'd be picking up your P45?
Doesn't happen. (unless you're working for an apprenticeship in the third reich ofc).
Maybe the best way is to make your kids spoilt little shits that always get their own way and are more than willing to rave in a classroom so a brow-beaten no authority teacher has to clear the entire room of kids that actually want to learn, so shitty Johnny can throw furniture about because he's "special needs" (read - too much "magic" E-Number filled orange drink to wash down his chocolate straws). Then when they get excluded from school (after stabbing little pip in the eyes for the 6th time) you can go on holiday whenever you please.
Don't even get me started on plane fuel taxes and BA's baggage charges - I've taken an oath not to fly for holidays now, getting tax-sick, it's sunny (expensive in the school holidays) England for my Jollies from now on.
Quote of the day courtesy of Fight Club.
"We work jobs we hate to buy shit we don't need." QFT!

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