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Friday, February 16, 2007

Should we kill the children or the parents....? Hmmmm

After reading Mr G's blog on school holidays I happened to catch his off the cuff remark about Chocolate Straws and i was going to add a comment but i decided a whole new blog needed to be done instead.

Basically all i have to say is that if my children ever even suggest the idea of drinking milk through a chocolate straw they will find very quickly that all their future meals will have to be fed to them in a straw based form.

And dear parents, if you are so totally dominated by the spoiled middle class arrogant bastard spawn that you shat into this world that you have to bow down to their every whim just to avoid another e-number fuelled temper tantrum in the middle of Tescos, (breathe) then i strongly suggest that you stamp your children 'Return to Sender' and post then to the local Social Services office. I hear that they take all sorts now just to hit their adoption targets and ensure the local authority doesn't cut the budget, so no worries eh?

Shortly after that you should arrange to have yourself spayed in some manner so as not to further pollute the human genome with your clearly defunct DNA...

...and thats that.


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