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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Drunk FTW!

OK, OK, Kimbo's post has been at the top of this page long enough for me to feel compelled to write something.
I Did a thing that I've not done since being married (believe me that's been a long long time) last night, (no - not got laid you mucky twats) the reality is I got really really drunk. Whilst being in a state of inebriation it appears that I spent the best part of 500 quid purchasing PC components.
Having only a vague recollection of sizing up the price of some new PC stuff, whilst her indoors was watching some murder flick (destiny calling?) so you can imagine in my hungover state the feeling of creeping dread I felt whilst picking up my e-mail this morning, worse still, having to go and tell Mrs. Grimster that I'd spent most of the cash in the bank account on PC gear. Well as you can see by my portrait here I'm still breathing and I'll report on how the build goes later on this week :)


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