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Sunday, March 04, 2007

It's been a while!

G'day you young hoons (or should that be bogans? or some other terms that the Aussies would use!) I thought I'd make an effort or else I'd be called a slacker for not contributing!

Life down under is certainly rosier (and hotter!) than Manchester. Time has flown since I made the big move down under. Anyway enough of the crap and on to some interesting things. As a newbie to the country, I have noticed one or two differences (and myths) to the Aussie way.

1. Back in the UK, we'd say "... throw a shrimp on the barbie!". I've been to a number of BBQ's and there have been no signs of any shrimp. What's going on there? Have the Poms got it wrong or do Aussies not like shrimp?

2. Pronounciations. How should "Router" be pronounced? Rawter or Rooter? Also, theres "Data", is it Darta or dayta? Poms say rooter and dayta but Aussies say Rawter and Darta. What's going on there? Someone please clear this up! (NOTE: Apparently a rooter in Aussie terms is to get a shag)

3. Did you know Australia is the biggest exporter of... Skin Cancer! (I don't think I've got it just yet)

Short and sweet I know but that's me done for now as it is 9 hours ahead down here! Keep up the good work fellow Jammy Bloggers and I'll be back soon!

BTW, check out these funky bags!


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