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Monday, March 12, 2007

You go to hell, you go to hell and you die!!!!

Don’t you just hate brown nosing little cunts??

It was a slow day on the ranch on Saturday, the Puggster had just returned from 2 days of moving house only to discover that no one at the company had been paid on Friday. Moral was at an all time low and our always unpopular 3hr Saturday shift was about as welcome as George Bush jr riding a Harley Davidson through a Mosque.

So in true BOFH style I decided it was time for some 'Network Downtime'. One mouse click later and the 12 members of staff whom actually bothered to turn up for work are sitting in a huddle in the centre of the room swapping jokes and answering general knowledge questions from our big office quiz book. All is happy in the world and 30 minutes later they return to the phones happier and more productive than they were before.

So how shocked was I to discover that some conniving little tramp’s-cock sucker has had the tenacity to grass us up for it! Little fucker was happy enough to sit watching his (or her) arse grow with the rest of us, but went running off to earn themselves a brown star from one of the higher ups as soon as they could.

This whole situation pissed me off even more due to the fact that I came in a hour early to open up so two of the aforementioned higher ups could take the day off at the same time.

So needless to say when I catch the little scamp (and I will catch him, I am IT and I know all) he’s going to discover the true cost of upsetting the IT staff, especially when 90% of inbound calls get diverted to his work station and a routine inspection show’s some truly shocking material in his Internet Explorer cache!

NSFW for the win!!!


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