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Monday, April 23, 2007

Outrage in the 1970's over "missing" bear.

Outraged! Was the reaction from the now deceased President Pinochet of Peru on learning that one of his citizens was being held in London possibly against their own will, in the mid 1970's.*

In truth it turns out to be a pretty unbelieveable story thus:
A bear bearing the label "Wanted on voyage" and the note "Please look after this bear. Thank You" loitering around on the platform of Paddington Station is pretty ludicrous - even more so were you to approach said unfettered bear let along take it on the bus home.

Surely you'd call the RSPCA assuming that the police hadn't already shot this potentially feral bear for chewing on commuters in the station.

Although fashionably clad in a large stoved in black (not red like this crappy image) hat and duffel coat (like as if - if you're in a duffel coat it's a taken you have a wooly hat) even more unbelieveable is the fact this bear speaks without a hint of any discernable South American accent at all, implying that either this bear is in fact a native of this land or possibly expensively schooled here. All of this coupled with a marmalade fetish that must have been picked up in Spain perhaps, what in the blazes would prompt you to take the frickin' thing home rather than pop it over to lost property?
It wasn't even a good guard-bear to be honest (but a cool idea - guard bears ftw), invariably getting into a muddle/making a mess with aforementioned marmalade that some poor sod would have to clean up.

*dramatization - may not have actually happened.


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