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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Teeth

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the dental profession has to promote it's wares as being "Fun"?
Whenever you look for anything on the web dental related you are presented with "Fun Dental Facts" which on the face of it could be good but are in reality shit.

There are only 10 of these "fun" facts in the world, most of which really are not "fun".
Example - "Did you know 85% of halitosis sufferers have a dental issue causing the problem"?

WTF - when was that a "fun fact"? For me fun facts usually involve but not restricted to such things as bisexual Norse goddesses munching rug and me or Eve Online Trinity, not the current percentage of people with bad breath.

The actual reality is that it's a bloody and horrid place to have to go if you've not looked after yourself and need real treatment.

And of course we're assuming you can actually get a NHS dentist - I couldn't but it was probably the best move I ever made to be pushed into going private, treated like the esquire I in fact am, nothing is too much bother and I swear the hygenist lass has a special kinky "nurse dress" just especially for private patients - raawwwwlll.
You know the type - brunette tied up hair, glasses, she'll sweep them off and her hair falls out and she licks her lips.... afk a min - need the bog...

Aehm.... anyway... Sure - the bill is horrific but it's in their interest to coax you through the door as they can earn 3 times what they do with the NHS faceless factory slots, recommended A+++! All healthcare should work on the same have and have nots basis.

I guess it does - glad work has a BUPA plan.



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