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Friday, December 07, 2007

Holy Google Research Batman!!

My password still works! I am a happy chap!

Well thats not 100% true. There was a brief moment of tin-foil-hattery as I realised that Google will now have a detailed knowledge of all my internets rambling in addition to their vast and undoubtedly disturbing knowledge of my search habbits. But then I thought ‘hey, at least its not facebook!’

Besides, I’d like to see them customise adverts directly into my internets-box based on the marketing research I’ve provided them with over the years. I don’t think they’ve got the grapes!

Anyway, I’m here for a reason. Once again I have made an attempt to rally the troops and get this old blog back up and running. Watch this space and expect to see some more random profanity, verbal rantage, poor spelling/grammar, NSFW and links to the deepest, darkest, most forgotten parts of the internet.

Cya soon! 0/


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