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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back from the dead...

And fuck it - I'm gonna post for a bit I think, having remembered my password for this infernal area I thought it was about time I posted something whilst shooting POS in EvE (if you've ever done fleet POS ops then you know what hell this can be).

So what's new?

Well, it's definately been a while - the baby Puggs was referring to is now at university reading ancient eastern languages apart from that- not much - got a couple of new bikes which is nice, went to Denmark on my Buell XB12s - which was a blast (literally) and then got rid of the bike for a Honda VFR and heard 3 weeks later that the Buell had thrown a crank bolt or somesuch - oh well....

Newsflash - I've become sociable. It's true - I'm often seen at the works monthly swaree, often inebriated and full of curry. Things are pretty OK at the moment.

Just noticed the image is referring to the EU Constitution - remember - that's the thing the great British public were promised a referendum on until 'ol wobblegob Broon got his greasy mitts on the thing. But this isn't a rant post - more a hello - welcome and expect some ranting.

Toodle pip.


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