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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Charging - my arse

Congestion charging in Manchester.

HA! Take that bitches!

I profess to not really caring, when the original bumph about the congestion charge for Manchester came in I was all WTF because there was absolutely no mention of motorcycles which annoyed me a little, so much so I drafted a letter to Manchester transport pointing out that as motorcycles are statistically a non-congesting form of transport they may want to consider a change of title from "congestion charge" to "tax".

A month or two later the next flurry of self-promoting for this tax dropped through the door and motorcycles were exempt from the charge - much better for me, but you've pissed me off now and I'm voting against.

This was a fine example of our "leaders" being totally out of touch to the wants of the common bloke in the street, to spend so much money planning and promoting something that plainly wasn't wanted in the first place is a flagrant abuse of the tax pound, it'd be nice if they had to pay the fucking lot back from their own wallets - that'd get them out asking people before making idiot decisions but there are no penalties. The 3 no-voting councils should be patted on the back.

Hint: People are getting pissed off with being your cash-cows - stop milking.


Sorry about your train station Jammy - no bacon butties for you!


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