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Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I'm growing fur on my head.

It's true and something I've not done for 20 odd-years but does have the advantage of indicating what an old fart I'm becoming with lots of grey coming out - gawd - anyone would think I was properly old.

So - I was thinking of going MANGA! I've sworn not to cut it for a year - mainly because I can and have limited options for new years resolutions not being a smoker anymore (just over 4 years tab-free) so was thinking along the lines of "Super Saiyan" manga-head peroxide blonde.
How compatible this will be with the office working environment I'm not sure as the only person in the history of the company to be so radical with hair-colouring was Kimbo, and that was a reddish-brown on black and not that noticeable, in fact he was the one in the office with any fashion sense at all outside the "creative" advertising department.... Until he pissed his rep away when he traded down from a Lexus to a Subaru of course.

My only worry is once I do it I'll need to either keep doing it - or cut it all off again...

Mid-life crisis? You bet!


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