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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Power to the people!!!

Right guys, if you're anything like me you'll be sick of taking up the arse from your local Bank Manager everytime you go 1p over your allowed limit on your overdraft or credit card. Or maybe your sick of the bank fucking up your Direct Debits and trying to take out your bills the day before your wages go in instead of the day after like you requested?


You can claim back all of the charges that your bank has made against you for the last 6 years, including credit cards, you don't even need to have a record of these charges as the bank must supply a list of them if requested under the UK Data Protection Act (form enclosed in the link).

You can even claim online at www.moneyclaims.gov.uk and so far not one single bank has bothered to try and defend itself. That means that everyone that has claimed has won BY DEFAULT!!!

Some people have won hundreds, even thousands of pounds in illegal charges back into their accounts!

This information is also available at www.penaltycharges.co.uk

Go on, get the lube out and give some back!!