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Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Build

OK, so it's been a while but I've been ill.

I said I was gonna let you in on my magical PC build - the one I bought pissed in Drunk FTW - well here's a list of the items I bought for starters:

Gigabyte 3D Aurora Silver Full Tower Case
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.40GHz 1066FSB LGA775 4MB cache
Asrock Dual VSTA motherboard
Yeah I know - Asrock, but I got one of their boards to replace the Gigabyte one I had that fell on it's arse, flawless tbh. Prolly not the fastest thing on the planet, but it'll do.
2Gb OCZ DDR2 PC2-5400 Value Series CL5 Dual Channel kit
Gigabyte i-RAM Ram Disk Max 4GB Memory 1600Mhz back up battery
Samsung Syncmaster 226BW Widescreen 2ms LCD
GeForce 7900GS 256 PCI-E (yeah not the latest graphics, but no slouch either).

So I started off with all my old stuff, drained and took out the existing Gigabyte water cooling kit, 10K WD Raptor and my Soundblaster Audigy, as I would be reusing that stuff in the new box.

The build was pretty simple and I was glad that I'd saved all the CPU mounts for the water cooling kit, I was coming from a socket 478 to this new-fangled core-2 stuff, so the cradle supplied with the kit was well required, no real problems there.
The Gigabyte case is supposed to be a complimentary part of the Gigabyte accessories range, and this was half the reason I got this specific case, because it has mounting holes for the Gigabyte water cooling system, and rubbers for the cooling pipes to pass through the case, well sure, you can use the mounting holes, just so long as you have absolutely no cards plugged into your mainboard. I ended up having to mount the water cooling pump and reservoir in the area the case toolbox would normally be just below the IDE drive mountings, and mound the hard drive in the 3.5" floppy drive bay.

So I mounted the mainboard in the new case, well straightforward as expected, CPU in it's slot with the neat fold over the top bracket.
Coolermaster thermal compound slarted on and the cooling block fitted, all nice and together.
I'd previously gone to e-bay and bought a couple of meters of new tubing and to overclockers for some water additive/dye for the distilled water.

Got some sticky velcro and stuck the cooling res and pump to the chosen location, routed pipework and mounted the radiator on the back of the case, then took it off so it can bleed once piped.
Cut, clamped and fitted pipework, wired everything into place, and filled the reservoir. The cooling kit has an auto off function if your coolant gets too low, so you need to switch it on a few times, refilling the reservoir as you go.

Started it up and let it run checking for leaks before adding cards.

Next fitted all the cards and switched on.

XP threw a track, wouldn't get past the AGP DLL check.

Luckily I'd had the foresight to back up my system before indulging in this madness so it wasn't really an issue, re-installed the drive from CD and put all my junk back where it was.

The Gigabyte i-RAM was bought specifically to be my Eve Online cache directory, so a lil' bit of config later and that was all working to satisfaction.

I now have an eve client that runs at about 145 FPS in space and about 115 or so in fleet - OMFG!

I already had stuff like the Razer Habu and Logitech G15 keyboard.

Anyway - some pics:

Monday, April 23, 2007

Outrage in the 1970's over "missing" bear.

Outraged! Was the reaction from the now deceased President Pinochet of Peru on learning that one of his citizens was being held in London possibly against their own will, in the mid 1970's.*

In truth it turns out to be a pretty unbelieveable story thus:
A bear bearing the label "Wanted on voyage" and the note "Please look after this bear. Thank You" loitering around on the platform of Paddington Station is pretty ludicrous - even more so were you to approach said unfettered bear let along take it on the bus home.

Surely you'd call the RSPCA assuming that the police hadn't already shot this potentially feral bear for chewing on commuters in the station.

Although fashionably clad in a large stoved in black (not red like this crappy image) hat and duffel coat (like as if - if you're in a duffel coat it's a taken you have a wooly hat) even more unbelieveable is the fact this bear speaks without a hint of any discernable South American accent at all, implying that either this bear is in fact a native of this land or possibly expensively schooled here. All of this coupled with a marmalade fetish that must have been picked up in Spain perhaps, what in the blazes would prompt you to take the frickin' thing home rather than pop it over to lost property?
It wasn't even a good guard-bear to be honest (but a cool idea - guard bears ftw), invariably getting into a muddle/making a mess with aforementioned marmalade that some poor sod would have to clean up.

*dramatization - may not have actually happened.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Best Website Ever!