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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Awesome video of the day

CBA posting today - so you just get this:


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Awesome video of the day



Fuck You Shiela's Wheels!

Over the past couple of months when the weather has been particularly crappy I've been hitching a lift into work from Mrs. Grim, primarily because I've forsaken 4 wheels and banished cars from my ownership.

Often I find the need to amuse myself whilst on the log-jammed crappily phased traffic light junctions, to do so I tend to focus on how shit other people are at driving. This started innocently enough with, "oh look - that lady doesn't appear to know the dimensions of her vehicle and is tentatively creeping around the side of the bus with a 12-foot gap to her left stopping up all the traffic behind her" but quickly degenerated to me shouting "COCK-JOCKEY!!" and whinnying like a horse whilst bouncing up and down on my seat holding imaginary reigns.

Quite how this progression came about I'm not really sure, but I found it amusing - unlike my better half who scowls her displeasure at me.

Anyway I digress - an upshot of this is I make a "pretend" mark on the dashboard - one when a male driver does something particularly stupid, another when a female driver does the same.
The rules are - Mrs. Grim has to ignore my virtual galloping on the passenger seat and pass comment herself on the proficiency of the other cage pilot, I then note whether it's a lady or a chap.

Fact. Women are shit drivers - over a deeply scientific study of 2 months - women doing silly things on the road outweigh men 8 to 2.

Now it might just be that we happen to take a route that is heavily populated by women taking their little precious to school at that particular time in the chelsea tractor - but I'd like to think that we pass through a good slice of the daily commuting population confirming what most blokes have known for many years.

Fuck you Sheila's Wheels.

GPS Magic

I'm perpetually obsessed with GPS devices. Here's a tip for all you tomtom owners who might want to use Google maps to plot iteneraries.


Plot your route in Google maps - this has a new feature where you can pull your directions around - properly awesome.

Go to that site and paste the map link.

Retreive resulting tomtom itinerary.


Why can't the manufacturers of these things pick this up? Easily accessible online route mapping for the win.

Charging - my arse

Congestion charging in Manchester.

HA! Take that bitches!

I profess to not really caring, when the original bumph about the congestion charge for Manchester came in I was all WTF because there was absolutely no mention of motorcycles which annoyed me a little, so much so I drafted a letter to Manchester transport pointing out that as motorcycles are statistically a non-congesting form of transport they may want to consider a change of title from "congestion charge" to "tax".

A month or two later the next flurry of self-promoting for this tax dropped through the door and motorcycles were exempt from the charge - much better for me, but you've pissed me off now and I'm voting against.

This was a fine example of our "leaders" being totally out of touch to the wants of the common bloke in the street, to spend so much money planning and promoting something that plainly wasn't wanted in the first place is a flagrant abuse of the tax pound, it'd be nice if they had to pay the fucking lot back from their own wallets - that'd get them out asking people before making idiot decisions but there are no penalties. The 3 no-voting councils should be patted on the back.

Hint: People are getting pissed off with being your cash-cows - stop milking.


Sorry about your train station Jammy - no bacon butties for you!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Duuhhh absolutely basically......

What the hell is going on with the English language at the moment. Now I'll never profess to be a mental giant in my grammar and vocabulary but WTF??!!

I was watching the news the other day - yeah I know it's drab and grey - but every person they spoke to in the street came out with the word "basically" at least 5 times whilst trying to explain something and the word "absolutely" appears to have replaced "yes"

STOP! It's basically absolutely a-fucking-nnoying.

And please don't get me on about what passes for "popular music" these days - and there it goes - that comment just made me officially an old twat.


Basically I'm off to fucking sulk.


Back from the dead...

And fuck it - I'm gonna post for a bit I think, having remembered my password for this infernal area I thought it was about time I posted something whilst shooting POS in EvE (if you've ever done fleet POS ops then you know what hell this can be).

So what's new?

Well, it's definately been a while - the baby Puggs was referring to is now at university reading ancient eastern languages apart from that- not much - got a couple of new bikes which is nice, went to Denmark on my Buell XB12s - which was a blast (literally) and then got rid of the bike for a Honda VFR and heard 3 weeks later that the Buell had thrown a crank bolt or somesuch - oh well....

Newsflash - I've become sociable. It's true - I'm often seen at the works monthly swaree, often inebriated and full of curry. Things are pretty OK at the moment.

Just noticed the image is referring to the EU Constitution - remember - that's the thing the great British public were promised a referendum on until 'ol wobblegob Broon got his greasy mitts on the thing. But this isn't a rant post - more a hello - welcome and expect some ranting.

Toodle pip.